Dalius Hellbourne

Avatar of death...


Name: Dalius Hellbourne

Physical Description-
Race: human
Skin tone: Pale
Hair Color: Raven Black
Hairstyle: Slicked back and to the right



Personal Information-
Personality type: Aloof and uncaring but has a cruel and unruly side
Sexuality: Straight

Food: jerky
Drink: Ale
Animal: wolves
Color: Purple

Career: Soul reaper
Are they happy in their job/ at school? depends
Do they have any serious hobbies? enjoys cooking
How do they get to work/school? walks sometimes on horse
If they own a car, describe it: 1 horsepower and easyto start
How long is their commute? varies

Who do they live with? No one
Are they married? yes/no
Do they have children?
Are they in a romantic relationship?
Who is/are their love interests?
Is someone in love with them?
Do they know about the love?
What is their relationship with their parents like?
Mother’s name:
Father’s name:
Siblings’ names:
Do they have any pets?
Names and species:

Childhood friends:
Were their parents ever divorced?
If so, how old was the character?
Was the character ever abused?
If so, by who?
What kind of abuse?
How long did the abuse continue?
How was it stopped?
What was their relationship with Grandparents?
Have they lost a Grandparent?

Does the character have any psychological disorders?
Personality disorders?
Borderline personality disorders?
Eating disorders?
Do they self-injure in any way? If so, what method?
Do they have any addictions?

Religious beliefs-
What religion does the character identify with? Zajun
How does the character practice this faith? He either sends people to the afterlife or denies them
When did they find their faith? Were they born into it? he was reborn into it
Does their faith cause any problems? yes
Are they ever persecuted? all the time

Any other notes:


Darkness. That’s the only memory Dalius could remember of his past, or so he thought. Memories can take the form of many things, tokens, pictures, even scraps of cloth. So when Dalius started having a recurring nightmare, he prayed the the gods for guidance and a way to alleviate his curse. He thought it was a fruitless endeavor but his prayers was answered with turmoil. An Acolyte of Zajun appeared before him, clearly displeased. “what are you some form of stupid?” she spoke. Confused Dalius could only look at here in awe for he saw something that he shouldnt have. A dark aura encased the woman and a skeletal figure loomed behind her. “who are you?” he finally spoke, but only laughter left her lips. “You really cant remember?” the look of confusion ran deeper on his face. “sigh….. listen you have a lot to learn kiddo but first You’re gonna have to remember………” With a wave of her hand Dalius visioned blurred and then the memories came flooding back.
It was a night like any other, he was sitting next to his beloved, large with their unborn child. The night was sound when Dalius laid his head, so when a ear piercing screech awoke him in the night he quickly rose. reassuring his wife that he’d take a quick look, arming himself with a farm tool he stepped out into the night. What he saw horrendous, his town, his community, his livelihood was burning. Strange creatures with crudely made weapons were attacking his friends and neighbors. many things were happening all at once over whelming his senses, and before he knew it several creatures were closing in on him. Taking quick action, he ran back inside gathering his wife and some belongings, they made for an escape. As the ran from their home into a clearing, a searing surge of pain ran through his leg. Falling over and looking down, a crude looking arrow was deeply embedded in his calf. With the support of his wife he tried to limp away but another flash of pain whipped across his back, he could feel the blood run down it. With his Tool he quickly swung backwards trying to fend of his pursuers……..

thats when his memory started to haze, only quick flashes of pictures came to him. He remembered his wife being taken from him, a large object pressing on his torso, a prayer, then darkness.

Snapping back to reality, Sweat covered his brow. “I remember…………. somethings but not there’s something missing.” He wiped the sweat from himself and look to the woman. “but who are you, and why….” fear crept over him. the woman chucked “So you remember your own death. Good. That’s a start.” She leaped from her sitting spot and beckoned for Dalius to follow. "I am part of the answer to your prayers. I Shall be your Guide in this new life.

Dalius Hellbourne

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